Welcome to the SOPlayer Setup Instructions & Quick Guide

Please download the latest app at http://app.soplayer.ca/soplayer.apk, links for other devices can be found below. As of June 1 2019 these apps are up to date.

1. Find your Account Information:

Welcome to MyIPTV. The first step is to place your order in our store. After you’ve done that you will automatically and instantly receive your device activation codes as well as your numeric username and password. If you need codes, you can get these from your email or from My Account here: https://www.myiptvnow.com/cart/index.php?route=account/login

SOPlayer Provider ID: 455

MyIPTV will operate on up to 4 devices concurrently. And you can remove devices from your account by logging out of that device from within the app, or by contacting support and having us remove a device.

Service is also limited to 1 home internet connection and/or 1 cell phone connection that can be used concurrently. This means you can use it at home on 3 box top devices or smart tvs, and 1 cell phone without running into issues. This is not our rule, it is a system limitation. If you try to use the service on multiple home networks it will result in an error saying “unauthorized IP address” if this happens please contact support.

2. Download the apps:

MyIPTV Is delivered via the SOPlayer app. Available in most app stores.

For device download links, please scroll down.

The easiest way to find our app is to is to search for “soplayer” in the appstore of your device. If it’s not there, see the links below.

Instructional Videos

How to Install on Amazon Firestick, TV, Cube

How to Install on Android Phones / Tablets / TVboxes

IP Address Limitations

Please note that all of the devices you activate on the TV service must be on the same IP. For most people this means the same home internet connection. One device on the plan can be a cell phone used on 4G – but if that cell phone is ever used on a network that is outside of the home where the other boxes are – you will run into an unauthorized IP address problem. Advanced users may be able to circumvent this IP rule by using OpenVPN.

We do not recommend using any paid third party VPN solutions as they typically do not allow you to use the same IP and will end up triggering an “unauthorized IP address error.” To clarify this includes VPNs such as Nord, IPVanish, or Tunnelbear.

Some users may need to use a VPN, for example, T-Mobile users may need to use a, as with our testing we’ve found that T-mobile likes to throttle most video streaming services, especially those that use the same CDN as this TV service.

3. Activate the App:

SOPlayer Provider ID: 455

Do I use a Username or PIN Code?

  • Use a Device PIN CODE option and enter one of your Device PIN Codes.
    • This applies to the Setplex SP-110, Android, Amazon Firestick/TV/Cube, and Magbox.
  • Use your numeric Username and Password found on the same page.
    • This applies to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV), Samsung TV, Windows PC app, and Apple OSX app.
  • Note that the service is still in development on Apple TV and Samsung TV. We recommend Android or Magbox for the best experience.

MyIPTV does not have Roku support.

Full list of Download Links:

Full Download links for SOPlayer Apps Across All Platforms

To install determine which device(s) you are trying to install the apps on, and then refer to appropriate installer below:

1. Android Boxes & nVidia Shield – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sotv.android
2. Amazon Firestick/Amazon Fire TV – http://app.soplayer.ca/soplayer.apk
3. Android Smartphones and Tablets – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sotv.android
4. Magbox – Portal URL – http://bit.ly/myiptvlink
5. Microsoft Windows Version  – http://app.soplayer.ca/SOPlayerSetup-2.1.1.exe
6. Mac Version – http://app.soplayer.ca/SOPlayer-2.1.1.dmg
7. iPad / iPhone / iOS 9.6 / Apple TV – Currently not available
8. Samsung Smart TV  – https://www.samsung.com/us/appstore/app/G18291012011
8. Roku – We do not support Roku, however you may try to use a web browser on Roku with our webstream service plan, please contact support.
9. Chromebook – This device is not supported on this plan, please contact support about our webstream plan to use on Chromebook.

SOPlayer Android Fire Stick and Fire TV and Cube Install/Sideload Instructions:

  1. On the Firestick Navigate to Settings then Device and Developer Options and make sure “Apps from Unknown Sources” is turned on.
  2. Return to the FirestickHome Screen and Navigate to Apps then Categories and select Utilities.
  3. Choose the “downloader” app and then select Install.
  4. Launch Downloader and enter – bit.ly/soplayer  or try http://app.soplayer.ca/soplayer.apk
  5. Download and Open and Install.
  6. Launch SOPlayer from your apps menu.
  7. Select PIN
  8. Enter your Device PIN code and Provider ID.
    Your device should now be active.

MyIPTV subscriptions begin when the first device is activated and devices can be removed from the account by logging out from within  SOPlayer and going to Settings > Logout. Alternatively you can contact support and have a device removed by us.